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Amazon Fresh Delivery / Whole Foods Delivery is the most incredible service to ever be invented. Who really wants to waste their precious weekend grocery shopping?! I sure don’t. I just discovered this glorious Amazon service about a month ago and needless to say I haven’t looked back since. I was on Amazon browsing, as I do regularly, and stumbled across this “too-good-to-be-true” service. I looked into it, expecting there to be a catch, except there wasn’t, and if there is one, I still haven’t found it. We have been using Amazon Fresh Delivery / Whole Foods Delivery services for a month now and I am truly obsessed. If you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing out – it is honestly life changing. I have been spoiled once again by Amazon and I am unsure if I will be able to return to real life grocery shopping. #firstworldproblems


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How It Works:

In order to receive free delivery you need to be an Amazon Prime member. If you are not a member and would like to try, click here to receive a free 30 day trial or if you are a student, you can click here for a free 6 month trial.

These links will take you directly to Amazon Fresh Delivery or Whole Foods Delivery, both available via the Amazon website. Once you are on the website, you just search the items you want to purchase in the search bar. The search results will provide whatever items are available through these services and you just select the items you would like to purchase.

Once you have added all the items you want and are ready to purchase, you are able to review your entire cart before checking out. Next, you will enter in your address and payment info, and select the delivery time slot you would like. As long as you have spent over $35 there is no delivery fee, which I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I have ever spend less than that on groceries – one can dream. The two hour delivery windows are free, but if you need it, they also offer one hour delivery windows for about $5.

You can choose a time slot for that day or a future date and whether or not you want a one or two hour window. Make sure you don’t do it completely last minute, because typically it will be 3-4 hours from when you select your time to the earliest time you can get your groceries delivered. I usually try to purchase my groceries before 12pm on Sunday, so I can receive them sometime by late afternoon.

You do not need to be home for the groceries to be delivered, they will just leave them on your porch. The first few times they rang the doorbell, the next few times it said they would be delivered without disturbing us and just left them on the porch, so they may or may not ring the doorbell. On Amazon where you normally check order statuses, you can see updates on the packing of your items and how many stops your driver has left before you. The only reason you want to be home around your scheduled time is for refrigerated and freezer items that could perish if they sit out for too long. Your groceries will then be delivered within the one or two hour window you selected and just like that, you will be ready for your week!

What I Love About It:

Well the most obvious reason I love it is for the convenience. It is absolutely wonderful not having to leave my house or waste time grocery shopping over my precious weekend. I also enjoy that unlike other grocery store delivery services, there are no additional fees outside of a tip. No higher priced items, random “taxes and fees” that come from who knows where, or monthly/annual fees for their service – it is all free, which is incredible.

Now onto the less obvious reasons..

I love that when you search an item it comes up with several options, giving you the ability to search the cost difference in brands, organic vs. non-organic, and even allows you to compare nutrition facts! This is something that is difficult to do while at the grocery store and it is incredible that with just a click of a button you can access all of this information and more carefully choose what you want to purchase.

Once you have finished adding all of your items to your cart, you can review it before you purchase. I love this feature because I can make sure I have everything I need, since I think we have all forgotten at least one item at the store before! Another great benefit of reviewing your cart first is that you can budget check yourself. Personally, I struggle with sticking to a budget when I am wandering the aisles of the grocery store; I am that person that gets sucked into last minute items or things that I see and want HAVE to try – hint, hint, Trader Joe’s. The wonderful thing about Amazon Fresh Delivery / Whole Foods Delivery is that it prevents you from grabbing unnecessary items without thinking and it gives you the ability to see how much you are about to spend, since yes, all of those $5 items do actually add up quickly.

Like I said, I am truly obsessed with Amazon Fresh Delivery / Whole Foods Delivery . If you don’t have Amazon Prime, I would at least do a free trial so that you can try this service and see if you like it. This service has made my life so much easier, helped control my spending, and helped me choose healthier items. There is really no downside that I have seen so far, you can buy both organic and non-organic items, all of the items I have received have been fresh and what I would have picked myself, the items are the same cost and meat is actually cheaper than it is here in Charlotte, NC, and there are no additional fees of any kind. The only additional money that you spend is the tip for the person shopping and delivering your groceries for you. For me personally, maybe $10 extra is definitely worth not having to spend an hour or two at the grocery store on a Sunday before I go back to work and even better I don’t even have to leave my house!

*Pro-tip: If you can’t find an item on Amazon Fresh Delivery, you can also shop on Whole Foods Delivery via the Amazon website and vice versa. Between the two sites, I have always been able to find everything I need. The prices are even a little different, so if you have the time, you can price shop between the two sites and buy what you need from both sites. Both Whole Foods Delivery and Amazon Fresh Delivery have a $35 minimum for free delivery. As long as you spend, $70 total on groceries ($35 each), you are not spending any extra money by splitting your shopping between both stores.


**This post contains affiliate links

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