Immune Boosting Juice

This juice is my go-to whenever I feel a cold coming on. The combination of ingredients gives you a large dose of vitamins and helps reduce inflammation often brought on by a cold. Oranges, apples, and lemon provide vitamin C, carrots are high in vitamin A, and ginger and turmeric are both known for their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Immunity Juice


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Kitchen Gadgets I recommend for this recipe:

Cold-Press Masticating Juicer – This is a similar juicer to what you would see in your local juice bar. It is a cold-press juicer and operates differently than the juicer most families own. Though this juicer will juice slower than your typical juicer, it extracts more juice from the fruits and vegetables you are juicing – resulting in long-term savings on produce. It also extracts juice by slowly pressing the produce, rather than cutting it up like a centrifugal/traditional juicer does, which results in longer lasting juice. Juice will last up to three days with this juicer versus the one day that juice lasts with a centrifugal/traditional juicer. This is a great option if you like to prep ahead of time and do not have time to make juice every day. Personally, I believe this is the better option of the two types.

Centrifugal Juicer/Traditional Juicer – This is a higher-quality juicer than some of the other centrifugal juicers out there. Most people own this type of juicer and it works great if you are looking for something that juices at a quicker speed or if you are just getting started with juicing. Juices made by centrifugal juicers only last about one day due to being slightly heated by the force of the blades, so they are best if you are juicing daily rather than prepping ahead for a few days.

Brieftons Glass Bottles with Stainless Steel Lids – If you are looking to juice regularly, I would recommend purchasing these glass bottles. The glass allows the juice to retain its benefits and prevents plastic chemicals from leaching into your fresh juice. They are super convenient to grab on the go and allow you to enjoy your juice like it is fresh from your local juice bar. This set allows for a slightly larger serving with 18 ounces, and it also comes with a cleaning brush and stainless steel lids!

16 oz Glass Mason Jars with Plastic Lids – Storing fresh juice in glass jars or bottles helps the juice retain its benefits longer and prevents plastic chemicals from leaking into your juice. I like the ones with plastic lids because they are reusable and provide an airtight seal and 16 ounces is a great serving size for most. Mason Jars are a great option if you are just getting into juicing and want a storage option that can be used for many other items. In addition to juices, I use my Mason Jars for oatmeal, coffee, soups, and to store dry items in our pantry.


  • 3 large oranges
  • 3 large gala, fuji, or red delicious apples
  • 1 lb carrots, about 5 large carrots (Add more if you like! I often do closer to 2 lbs)
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 2 inch piece of fresh ginger
  • 2 inch piece of fresh turmeric, (ground turmeric works as well, if you don’t have fresh available. Use roughly 1 tsp in place of fresh.)
  • Dash of cinnamon


  1. Remove peel and white membrane from oranges, cut in quarters.
  2. Cut apple in quarters, leaving skin and seeds.
  3. Peel carrots with a vegetable peeler and cut in half to shorten. **Can leave peel on, if you clean thoroughly and they are organic
  4. Remove peel and white membrane from lemon, cut in half.
  5. Using a spoon, scrape skin off of ginger root and cut off a 2 inch piece.
  6. Using a spoon, scrape skin off of turmeric root and cut off a 2 inch piece.
  7. Place all ingredients into juicer, juicing ginger and turmeric root in between oranges, apples, or carrots so it juices properly.
  8. Stir cinnamon into the extracted juice, as well as the turmeric powder (if you used instead of root). Make sure juice is thoroughly mixed before bottling.
  9. Pour into glass bottles or jars and store for up to 24 hours in fridge


  • Always use organic or local when juicingwe juice for the health benefits and vitamins, not to overload our bodies with toxins from chemicals sprayed onto commercial produce
  • If you absolutely cannot buy local or organic, be sure to soak produce in a vinegar mixture (1 cup vinegar, 4 cups water, and 1 tbsp lemon juice) for 5 minutes or peel produce
  • If using smaller fruits, use equal parts oranges and apples and double amount
  • Store in glass bottles or jars rather than plastic to keep the benefits of the juice intact
  • Fill jars up to the top with juice so that the juice does not oxidize as quickly
  • Juice typically lasts between 24 hours and 72 hours. Unless you have a Cold-Press Masticating Juicer, your juice is probably going to last closer to 24 hours. (Most people do not have this type)
  • Fresh juice provides the most benefits when consumed right away. Juice starts to lose its nutrients after only about 30 minutes. Will you still receive benefits after those 30 minutes? Absolutely! But fresh is always best!

**Makes about 72 ounces of fresh juice, depending on the type of juicer and size of produce used


**This post contains affiliate links

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