Top 3 Favorite Skin Care Product – The BEST Mask

Beautycounter’s Balancing Charcoal Mask

If you are looking for a clean, AMAZING mask (because who doesn’t love a good mask) to add to your skin care routine that will make a big difference in your skin – look no further!

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Skin Care Questionnaire

Who doesn’t love a good mask? Am I right?! I have probably tried at least a hundred different versions and brands of masks in search of the “perfect face mask.” This obsession with masks started at a young age, making homemade DIY masks to help a variety of “skin issues” I thought I had. Since then, I’ve switched to trying the myriad of mainstream masks that surround us in beauty retailers and drug stores everywhere – all making a different promise to make our skin better. With clay, exfoliating, sheet, and peel masks – how on earth are we supposed to know what type of mask works best? Beyond that there are masks for every minor skin goal you could have- like hydrate, clarify, and firm, just to name a few – what if I have ALL of those skin goals?! Personally, I have tried more masks and spent more money on this form of self care than I care to admit and yet I have never really found one that I LOVED…until now.

What makes this mask different?

Aside from the fact that this is a Beautycounter product, which means there are not compromising ingredients and chemicals in this mask unlike most other mainstream face masks. (Feel free to cross-check your current mask with  Beautycounter’s Never List and see if it contains any of these harmful ingredients.) This mask is also Beautycounter’s one and only mask – focusing on helping balance your skin as a whole and improving a variety of skin issues not just one problem. This charcoal mask contains nutrient-rich kaolin clay and activated charcoal to purify and balance your skin while absorbing excess oil and drawing out impurities. It also contains salicylic and lactic acids which aid in a gentle exfoliation, giving skin a smooth, polished look with a minimized appearance of pores.

Fast Results:

Here are some of the changes I have noticed in my skin since adding this into my regimen:

  • My pores are much smaller and less noticeable
  • My skin feels and looks cleaner
  • My pores are detoxified and less congested
  • My skin is no longer bumpy and is much smoother than before
  • My skin is less oily (which is visible when doing the mask)
  • My skin is clearer and does not break out like it used to
  • My rosacea has lessened greatly. While I have some redness still, it is MUCH less noticeable than it was before.
  • My overall skin tone is more even and I am not as splotchy.

My Experience:

One month ago I decided to take my first step into cleaner beauty and skin care products. I had seen a lot of my friends and wellness bloggers I follow talk about Beautycounter products they use every day (90% of which just use it and are not consultants). It sparked my curiosity, so I decided to do more research about Beautycounter VS. the products I was using. Long story short, I found out my “natural” products were not in fact natural at all. Apparently you only need one naturally-derived ingredient like a fragrance per say to make a product qualify under that distinction. Who knew?!

The first switch I made was to Beautycounter skin care products specifically for my face. I switched to the CounterMatch collection regimen and added a few other products into my routine (more on that later). Upon switching to cleaner skin care products, I have already noticed a drastic change in my skin. While I am loving my whole regimen, the Charcoal Face Mask has really stood out as a top three favorite product for me.

When I used this mask for the first time, I noticed how many large, oily pores I had on my face – it was slightly terrifying. I was honestly shocked by how many pores showed through this mask; I had visible pores on my chin, forehead, and ALL over my nose (see pictures below). This was the first mask I felt like you could really see it working and that was one of the top qualities that set this mask apart for me. Seeing the oil literally being sucked out of my pores gives me the same gross satisfaction that I get from good old Biore Pore Strips. Aside from the shock factor this mask gives, I also appreciated that it went on smoothly, dried nicely, was not too thick, and was easy to take off. It also did not cause any irritation or redness, but it did leave my face feeling extremely fresh and clean.

The next morning, I could already see a difference in the size of my pores and the breakouts I was having at the time. It does a great job absorbing excess oil and preventing new breakouts from happening. Since then I use the charcoal mask two times a week, in addition to anytime I feel a breakout might be coming on. Every time it does an excellent job at stopping that breakout dead in its tracks and keeps my skin looking its best. I have not broken out once since using this product (and just one month ago was on medication for hormonal breakouts!)

I highly recommend this mask to anyone struggling with oily skin, breakouts, uneven skin tone, large pores, or rough skin. This mask is also perfect for anyone who just wants to indulge in a little self care with a cleaner beauty product. Unlike many skin care companies, Beautycounter has created only one mask that helps with a myriad of skin concerns. So you don’t have to do 10 different masks to achieve your skin goals, this one mask will do a great job balancing your skin and working to help most of your skin problems all at once. This is why this mask has quickly become a top three favorite skin care product of mine.

If you already love your skin care routine or you want to ease your way into cleaner beauty, the charcoal mask is a great product to add into your existing skin care routine and is one that you will see quick results from. Upgrade your self care routine today with Beautycounter’s Charcoal Face Mask.

Peep the pictures below to see this amazing mask in action.

You can literally SEE it working, not to mention the huge change in my oily pores from just one month of use.

First Use (Top Left), One Month of Use (Bottom Left and Right)
Top left is what my pores looked like my first use and the bottom left and right side are what they look like now with the mask

What People Say About It:

“I only needed a little product even using it on my face, neck, and décolletage area, which is wonderful because it seems like it will last a while. The mask hardened in a nice way that was tighter, but not too thick. I could see the pores on my chin and nose, which I felt like was a great thing because it seemed to be absorbing the oil right out of my pores. My face felt nice and clean once I finished and after just one use I felt like the pores on my nose and chin were smaller. This mask also did not irritate my skin at all and that is an issue I often have with other masks. I am really loving this mask already and am excited about this addition to my skin care routine!”

~ Patti, Beautycounter customer

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Facts:

After Two Weeks of Use: 

  • 97% said mask refined and smoothed skin
  • 94% said mask absorbed excess oil
  • 87% said mask detoxified pores and purified skin
  • 84% said mask made skin look clearer and more even-toned 

*Based on a 31-subject consumer perception study, using product twice a week for two weeks. 

How to Purify Your Complexion Using the Mask:

Step One: Apply to skin in a thin, even layer covering your face, neck, and décolletage or just the areas of concern, like your T-Zone

Step Two: Give the mask ten to fifteen minutes to work its magic (Honestly, I keep this on for 30 minutes to an hour sometimes when indulging in some serious self care)

Step Three: Rinse and remove with a warm, damp washcloth. Follow with a gentle cleanser (I love this one) to remove any remaining mask.

Step Four: Pat skin dry and follow with a moisturizer (I love this one) or your regular skin care routine (if doing the mask in the morning or before bed).

A Few Tips:

  • Most people benefit from using this mask two times a week, however you can use it more or less depending on your skin goals (less for clear skin and more for breakout prone skin).
  • If you use Beautycounter’s Overnight Resurfacing Peel (read my review here), skip it on the nights you use this face mask.
  • Struggle with blackheads? This mask does an amazing job opening up your pores and drawing the gunk to the surface so I love finishing this mask with a Biore Pore Strip to remove all of that. Is it necessary? No, absolutely not. This mask works great without it and if you don’t have blackheads you don’t need this step at all. However, for people like myself, who struggle with blackheads, this combo is EVERYTHING!
  • Unlike some other masks, this one doesn’t cause irritation or redness, which means you can do it right before an event without having to worry.
  • If you do this mask during the day, just follow with a cleanser and moisturizer.
  • Sometimes I like to follow with a facial oil instead of a moisturizer since my pores are open and ready to absorb product.
  • If you do this mask at night or in the morning, do this as a step before your regular skin care regimen.

The Bottom Line:

Of the myriad of masks I have tried, this one is by far the best one I have ever used. The best part is unlike most other masks it does not contain compromising chemicals and ingredients, but still gives you amazing results. Beautycounter’s Charcoal Mask is a MUST HAVE in my skincare routine and is a product that I use weekly. It is also an easy addition to an existing skin care routine and is perfect if you are looking to add something to your current routine that is cleaner, but will still provide you with quick results. You can buy the mask here.

If you don’t yet have a skin care routine you love, complete this quick questionnaire and I will help you find the products that are best for your skin type and needs!

Skin Care Questionnaire

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If you’ve tried Beautycounter’s Charcoal Mask, I’d love to hear what you think!

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