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How we became Partners in Cooking

“Cooking Together With Love Since 2017”

My name is Jessica Achee and I met my partner in cooking, Cody, in July of 2017. When we met we shared an immediate connection over our love of food and cooking. Our relationship began with us preparing meals for each other and each day we continue to grow in our love of cooking and our love for each other. Our favorite moments are those spent in the kitchen creating meals together. Over the past two years of our relationship, we took a journey that focused on nourishing our bodies with healthier foods. Our bodies love when we are following a Paleo diet, though we tend to stray at times. Regardless of “how good” we are being, we always like to focus on choosing healthier, whole foods whenever possible. It is through our love of each other, food, and cooking that “Partners in Cooking” was born.

Cooking is something that is deeply ingrained in both of our roots. My roots are entangled from various places – California, Pennsylvania, and now North Carolina. My families roots extend even further focusing on the Greek and Cajun heritage of my grandparents. Cody’s roots are deeply southern – raised in true southern hospitality. We both started cooking and trying new foods with our parents at a very young age, and since then our love for everything food has only grown stronger.

Outside of just cooking, I grew up with a mom who is truly passionate about nutrition. My childhood consisted of eating mostly organic, natural foods and despite the fact that I absolutely hated this as a child, it is something with age that I have grown to admire my mother for. I admire her wisdom in that she chose to buy organic and push natural foods and products before it became a trend. As an adult, I choose to buy organic whenever I can, nourish my body with natural foods rather than processed foods, and almost always choose the natural ways to heal my body over the conventional ways. I have learned the power of choosing to love your body with natural, whole foods every day and I want to share that love with others.

As someone who loves all things cooking and nutrition, I wanted to focus on providing healthy, clean recipes for people with any diet. I do not think there is one best diet or way to eat for your body, I believe that all bodies have their own likes and dislikes, but I do think that eating whole, unprocessed foods is something we can all benefit from. On Partners in Cooking’s website, you will find nutritious recipes that will meet the needs of you and your family no matter what your diet may look like. It is my goal to provide a user-friendly website, focused more on recipes and less on the blogging fluff, in order to give people quick access to a library of delicious and healthier recipes.

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